Christian Fitness - What is sugar alcohol?

What is sugar alcohol?

You probably read a fair number of food labels. But do you fully understand them or do you go straight to the calorie line? For instance, do you know what sugar alcohol is and how it will affect your diet? After reading this you will.

Christian Fitness - How much should you eat?

How much should you eat?

How much should you eat? HINT: Don’t stop when you’re full. Yes, you read that correctly. Do not stop eating when you’re full. Why? Read on to find out…

Christian Fitness - Cheat on your diet

Cheat on your diet with these 5 tips.

Yep, you read correctly, I’m going to help you “Cheat on your diet.” Heresy I know. But if you’re going to break some rules, there are some better ways to go about it. Never thought you’d hear this from a fitness coach… but after you read it, you’ll understand why.

Christian Fitness - Getting fit media isn't helping

Getting fit? The media isn’t helping

Getting fit? Food studies and the media aren’t helping. Is it just me or does it seem like every year, we hear of some kind of food study that “proves” the opposite of what we thought to be true.