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Fitness at 40…

All my life I’ve been told to wait until ___________, then I’d understand. Wait until you can drive, wait until you are in college, wait until you’re legal, wait until you’re married, wait until you have kids, wait until you’re past your prime, wait until you’re 30, wait until you’re 40, then you’ll see that yaddy yaddy yadda. Wait wait wait.

Well, every time I’ve waited, I’ve been underwhelmed, overwhelmed, better off, way better off, or no different.

Driver’s license? WAY better than I thought.

College? Total letdown.

Legal? Not a big drinker.

Marriage? I hate when the entertainment industry talks about how life ends at marriage. What a load! Marrying my wife was one of the best decisions I ever made and I’m so blessed she will have me.

Kids? Having kids is a privilege, not a sacrifice. Yes, it’s a lot of work, but work is not synonymous with burden. Not a day goes by without my heart being filled with some joy that they have brought me.

30? Kind of like flinching before something that is supposed to be real painful and then you’re like, what, that’s it?

And 40? Well, I turned 40 a few days back and this is supposedly the beginning of the end. I’m old now. My body is toast. My best days are behind me. Time to pull out the yearbook and talk about how much better life was when I got my driver’s license.

Yeah, uh, well, people couldn’t be more wrong. And before you go and tell me, “Oh just wait… it’s coming,” I’m not scared.

I’m in the best shape of my life. I can do things kids half my age can’t do. I’ve never felt better… not at 16, not in my “prime,” and not ever.

I hope you understand my intention here… it’s not to boast. I’m not doing anything that anyone else couldn’t do. And it’s not to be an “inspiration.” Some people desire to inspire… not me… too inward focused for my taste. Besides, inspirational stories usually involve overcoming great obstacles…. what obstacles have I overcome? Saying “no” to Twinkies and sitting on my butt and saying “yes” to healthy food and exercise (like I said, anyone can do this).

My goal here is to challenge you, and there’s a difference. I am a coach after all and as a coach, I want to push you past where you think you can be, and that starts by believing in you to the point where you can start believing in yourself. And I have some GREAT NEWS: if you’re struggling with your health, it’s not because you want too much, it’s because you’re settling for too little. Don’t settle. You can do this… but again, YOU HAVE TO BELIEVE THAT YOU ARE WORTH IT.

So to combat all those doom and gloomers, I have a different message, and it’s this: DON’T WAIT. Don’t wait another week… day… don’t wait another hour. DON’T WAIT. DON’T WAIT. DON’T WAIT.

Take control of your health NOW. This is the time, not tomorrow, and not when such and such happens or life slows down (cause that ain’t gonna happen). The time is now and I’m the person to help you. People I coach are getting fit left and right by learning to establish permanently healthy lifestyle habits, and so can you. Get started today!

So again I say, this is 40? Sweet. I bet 50 is gonna blow my mind!