Christian Fitness - Horses and Accountability

Of horses and fitness accountability

There’s a parable that motivational speakers like to use. The speaker will ask the audience:

“If a draft horse can pull between one to three tons, what would you expect two draft horses to be able to pull?”

After posing the question, he’ll give the audience time to do some math and whisper their best guesses to one another. Finally breaking the silence, he’ll proceed.

“A single draft horse can pull between one to three tons but two draft horses, in tandem, can pull somewhere in the vicinity of 12 to 14 tons.” And of course the audience is shocked, amazed, and bewildered.

Are these numbers true? I couldn’t tell you. Despite being from Kentucky (the horse capital of the world) and despite my backyard neighbor having two of his own, I know very little about horses. I know that apparently it’s in girls’ DNA to love horses. I know that a horse’s lips can do things that Mick Jagger’s could only dream of. And I know that I have a Martin Short-sized allergic reaction to them.
But whether the numbers are exact or an estimate isn’t the point. The point is that doing something together can be far more powerful than doing it alone. There is strength in numbers!

Fitness Accountability

I see this all the time with fitness. Fitness accountability can be such a powerful tool for people, but it’s often ignored. People who go it alone fail more often than they succeed. But having accountability with fitness can change everything. When one person is down, the other person picks them up. They will push each other harder and farther. They will miss fewer workouts and they will eat cleaner. Fitness accountability is the part three of the success equation:

Exercise + Nutrition + Accountability = Success

Fitness Accountability Options

There are t0 find fitness accountability. The first way is through this site, which gives you great information on how to get and stay motivated.

Other ways include finding a workout partner, joining a community-minded fitness facility (think CrossFit), ask your Bible study group for prayer and help, find a mentor, and so on. Just be sure that, they run a tight ship. They should demand (in a grace-filled, loving manner of course) that you:

  1. Don’t settle
  2. Don’t give up
  3. Don’t make excuses

If you’re willing to take on this kind of fitness accountability, you’ll be that much closer to building God-honoring body stewardship habits!

Also, never underestimate the power of a good workout partner. You might be surprised at how often their accountability will help with your fitness.

In summary, if you can reach your goals by going alone, more power to you. But if you need some fitness accountability, more power to us!