Christian Fitness - Are Nitrates Safe?

Are Nitrates Safe?

“Are nitrates safe?” Questions like this pop up all the time and for good reason. It seems like everyday there is a new food or substance in the news that has been linked to cancer. I went on a quest to find out…

Christian Fitness - Understanding Insulin Resistance

Understanding Insulin Resistance

Insulin resistance has become an epidemic, most likely affecting someone you know and love. But it’s not all bad news. Understanding insulin resistance, while not the funnest thing to talk about, will go a long way to preventing it.

Christian Fitness - Superfood Spotlight - Quinoa

Superfood Spotlight: Quinoa

Superfoods are all the rage these days, and for good reason… they’re awesome. But that doesn’t mean they’re all equal. In this Superfood Spotlight, we’re taking a look at quinoa, a small seed with a big punch.

Christian Fitness - Caffeine FAQ

Caffeine FAQ

I have to admit, writing this caffeine FAQ makes me a little nervous as it hits very close to home for me. I start everyday with two cups of coffee. I love my coffee. And you can too. Just keep some things in mind.

Christian Fitness - Setting Fitness Goals

Setting Fitness Goals – Part II

You will recall from “Setting Fitness Goals Part I”, that I was in quite the dilemma with my exercise lifestyle until I learned how to set SMART goals. But it doesn’t stop there. You have to “inspect” what you “expect” and I’ll show you how.