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Healthy eating can be an illusion

Be aware of your environment. And make ZERO assumptions about your food, regardless of where you’re getting it (that includes Trader Joes, Earth Fare, Whole Foods, and the like). Healthy eating can be an illusion.

Christian Fitness - Organize Your Kitchen Pantry

Organize your kitchen pantry

Organize your kitchen pantry: 7 rules that will help you eat healthier while saving you time and money. Get started organizing your pantry today!

Christian Fitness - Obstacle Course Training

Obstacle race course training

Interested in obstacle course race training? They are all the rage these days and for good reason… they’re a blast! A great way to challenge yourself while having fun in the great outdoors. Here’s a 3-step guide will help you train for yours! It includes an obstacle race course schedule, workout, and nutrition information.

Christian Fitness - Should you workout when you are sick

Should you workout when you’re sick?

A question that often plagues frequent exercisers is, “Should I workout when I’m sick.” Well, it all depends. Fortunately, there are some relatively easy rules to follow to figure it out.