Christian Fitness - Health Benefits of Cinnamon

12 Health Benefits of Cinnamon (and a danger!)

I can’t decide what’s better: the health benefits of cinnamon or its yumminess … or it’s versatility. There are so many things to like about cinnamon, it’s no wonder its popular. Here are 12 of the reasons why cinnamon and all its health benefits have made it my favorite spice.

Christian Fitness - Fitness Role Model For Kids

Being a Fitness Role Model for Kids

Being a fitness role model for kids seems like it would be hard. They don’t understand what’s best for them … or they don’t care. With so many sugary foods to tempt them, food can be a challenge. Add in technology to lure them to the couch, it can be a battle. However, with these 8 tips, it can be a battle you both can win!

Christian Fitness - Are Nitrates Safe?

Are Nitrates Safe?

“Are nitrates safe?” Questions like this pop up all the time and for good reason. It seems like everyday there is a new food or substance in the news that has been linked to cancer. I went on a quest to find out…