Christian Fitness - Long Obedience in the Same Direction

A long obedience in the same direction

Today is Good Friday, and I am reminded of Christ’s long obedience in the same direction. From birth to death, His obedience was unwavering. His long obedience to resist using His unimaginable power to stop the scourging he took on my behalf. His long obedience to carry a cross on His beaten back on the way to Calvary. His long obedience to remain on that cross, a cross meant for me.

Christian Fitness - Motivation for Getting Fit

Another primary motivation for getting fit

I am fearfully made. You are wonderfully made. Why then wouldn’t we want to get and stay fit? Why wouldn’t we want to take care of this incredible gift of a body that He has entrusted to us? We should want to. We should strive to.

Christian Fitness - A primary motivation for getting fit

One of my primary motivations for getting fit

Everyone has their motivations for getting fit. Ranging from looking good and feeling better to recovering from injuries and preventing them, there are no shortage of reasons to get fit. I certainly have my motivations and they began in my youth.