Christian Fitness - Employee Wellness

Employee Wellness: What Can Be Done?

Employee wellness is becoming a topic of focus as headlines and our insurance premiums are making it painfully obvious: healthcare costs are increasing, in part to our increasing waistlines. And while employee wellness is a difficult and delicate issue to handle, it should not be ignored.

Christian Fitness - Organize Your Kitchen Pantry

Organize your kitchen pantry

Organize your kitchen pantry: 7 rules that will help you eat healthier while saving you time and money. Get started organizing your pantry today!

Christian Fitness - Save money while getting fit

Fitness for less: save money while getting fit

Fitness for less can be yours! Here are 3 categories of options, from low-higher costs, plus some fitness for less do’s and don’ts that will save you money! Fitness doesn’t have to be expensive… but rest assured, not taking care of your body will be.