Christian Fitness - HALT before you make a fitness decision

HALT before you make a fitness decision!

How do you make fitness decisions? Do you really pay attention to your thought process before you decide on something, or do you just go with your gut, so to speak. Here are four simple things to remember BEFORE you make your decision.

Christian Fitness - How To Set Goals Part II

Setting Fitness Goals – Part II

In How to Set Goals When You Want to Get Fit – Part I, we only looked at the “what” and the “why” in the goal-setting process. In Part II, we want to take a look at the “how.” We want to set ourselves up for success and how we set goals will help us do just that.

Christian Fitness - How to set fitness goals - Part I

Setting Fitness Goals – Part I

Setting fitness goals is part art and part science. Make them too lofty and you’ll be disappointed. Make them too small and you may never see any progress. There’s far more to it than meets the eye.

Christian Fitness - Getting fit means you're already an athlete!

Getting fit means you are already an athlete

If you are working out consistently, you may not be gifted but you are “training.” And you’re most certainly “participating” in an “exercise”. So by definition you… are… an… athlete. And it’s time to start thinking that way!

Christian Fitness - Act of Valor

What does “Act of Valor” have to do with fitness?

This past week, I went to see the movie Act of Valor with my father. The story is about a Navy SEAL team doing an extraction of a kidnapped CIA agent. But what does this have to do with fitness? Quite a bit actually.