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Food is Medicine: Health Benefits of Ginger

In this “Food is Medicine” profile, we are going to take a look at some of the health benefits of ginger. While some of the health benefits of ginger have been known for a long time, recently we’re discovering new and exciting ways ginger is healing our bodies and keeping them healthy.

Healthiest Superfoods - Spinach - Christian Fitness

Superfood Spotlight: Spinach

In this Superfood Spotlight, we are taking a look at (drum roll) SPINACH! This one is just a given. How can a dietitian have a list of super foods without spinach, right? Read on to learn more about it’s versatility and nutrient density. HINT: If you prepare it right, your kids won’t even know it’s there.

Christian Fitness - Dietary Fiber - 6 Ways to Get More

Dietary Fiber: 6 Easy Ways to Get More

Dietary fiber is one of those subjects that most everyone knows is important, but not everybody knows why or even what it is. And who wants to talk about boring old fiber when there are brand new fad diets to try? But from a dietitian’s perspective, and more importantly, a mom’s, I think it’s worth taking a closer look at your dietary fiber needs.

Christian Fitness - Organize Your Kitchen Pantry

Organize your kitchen pantry

Organize your kitchen pantry: 7 rules that will help you eat healthier while saving you time and money. Get started organizing your pantry today!