Christian Fitness - Setting Fitness Goals

Setting Fitness Goals – Part 1

Without ever setting fitness goals, I had been working out for over a year and thought it was going well. I felt like I was getting stronger. I didn’t seem quite as winded during my workouts. Playing sports with friends was going a bit better. And yet there was something missing in all of this. It took me a rather long time to figure it out because, as great as I thought everything was going, in reality, I was clueless.

Christian Fitness - Vacation Fitness Tips

Vacation fitness tips

“Vacation fitness” for some people sounds like an oxymoron. But I go on vacation to take a break from the real world, not to take a total vacation from my fitness. Here are some vacation fitness goals and tips for your next trip.

Christian Fitness - When to exercise

When to exercise: morning, noon, or night?

When to exercise: morning, noon, or night? It may not be as straight forward as you think, especially since some schedules are unchangeable. Read on to learn about the pros and cons to each time of day and maybe you can find the best time that works for you.

Christian Fitness - Should I weigh myself

Should I weigh myself? Yes… and no.

The question “Should I weigh myself?” may not have a quick answer. On one hand, it can give you an objective benchmark. On the other hand, there are inaccrucies with some scales and even worse, it can play mind games with your motivation. Here are six factors that will help you decide the right answer for you.