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Is Your Sleep Making You Fat?

When trying to lose fat, people rarely think about their sleep. They think about needing to exercise more or eat healthier. These are both good things, but they’re not the complete picture. Sleep is the third leg of the fitness stool. Here are some of the reasons why. READ ON…

Facing Fitness Struggles - Christian Fitness

Facing Fitness Struggles

Sometimes life gets busy and we just stop making time for the goals we have set. Our nutrition goes out the window along with our workout plans. Before long you have lost sight of your goal or you realize that you haven’t done anything to work toward your goal. How do you get back on track or is it possible? READ ON …

Christian Fitness - Setting Fitness Goals

Setting Fitness Goals – Part II

You will recall from “Setting Fitness Goals Part I”, that I was in quite the dilemma with my exercise lifestyle until I learned how to set SMART goals. But it doesn’t stop there. You have to “inspect” what you “expect” and I’ll show you how.

Christian Fitness - Setting Fitness Goals

Setting Fitness Goals – Part 1

Without ever setting fitness goals, I had been working out for over a year and thought it was going well. I felt like I was getting stronger. I didn’t seem quite as winded during my workouts. Playing sports with friends was going a bit better. And yet there was something missing in all of this. It took me a rather long time to figure it out because, as great as I thought everything was going, in reality, I was clueless.