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The Body Tithe Devotional FAQ

After a lot of hard, hard work, The Body Tithe Devotional became an actual book that actual people could actually buy. It was a super long, and at times, painful journey. However, I’m prayerfully confident that readers will be blessed by the truths found in the book.

In order to be blessed by it, they have to read it of course. To read it, they have to know about it. And to know about it, I have to talk about it.

Which is why I’m writing this. It dawned on me that in spite of the subtitle, “Spiritual Encouragement For Your Fitness Journey,” people may still not understand what The Body Tithe Devotional is all about. Or why I wrote it. Or why they need to read it.

Simply put: they’re going to have questions.

Fortunately, I’ve got answers.

What is in The Body Tithe Devotional?

The Body Tithe Devotional encourages the reader through 90 days of a fitness journey by providing daily devotionals, meditations, prayers, and spiritual exercises.

There are 13 weeks, each designed around a theme. For example, “Week 1: Names for Jesus” has seven days of material based on a different name found in the Bible for Jesus. Each name relates to a principle that empowers you with your fitness.

What is a “spiritual exercise?”

A “spiritual exercise” is an additional action designed to keep the reader focused on Christ first. The spiritual exercises are arranged in such a way to both echo that week’s theme and compliment the ups and downs of a fitness journey, giving the reader what they need at a time they most need it.

For example, Week 1 has the daily spiritual exercise of “praying without ceasing.” The reader is instructed to set a reminder on their watch, phone, or computer to go off every hour. When the reminder goes off, they’re to stop what they’re doing and pray over their fitness journey.

Over time, praying consistently will become second nature.

What does “Body Tithe” mean?

In the Old Testament, the word “tithe” referred to giving one-tenth of your income back to God. This was done as an act of obedience, honor, and love.

With the term “Body Tithe,” we’re taking the idea of giving back back to God and applying it to our health. It’s not based on a number, but rather a mentality of acknowledging that the Lord is the Lord of ALL of your life, your body included. Adopting this mindset that we are merely stewards of our bodies and acting accordingly, this too is an act of obedience, honor, and love.

I am not on a “fitness journey.” Why should I read this?

Actually, you are. We all are. Fitness affects our lives whether we’re intentionally doing something about it or not. Choosing to do nothing about it is still making a choice. It’s a choice that is always with you for your entire life. So while I’m talking about a 90-day journey, I’m trying to set you up for physical and spiritual victories for your lifelong fitness journey.

What do you mean by “fitness?”

This is how I’ve defined fitness:

Fitness = Nutrition + Exercise + Sleep

Nutrition, exercise, and sleep are not equal, but the sum of their parts will help determine your overall fitness level. So when you read the word “fitness” you need to be thinking, “exercise, nutrition, and sleep.”

How is “fitness” different from “health?”

Health includes your DNA, something you have no control over. The better your fitness, the better your odds are for being in good health. But not always. So I’m interested in tackling the things you CAN control.

My health is bad and will not get better. So why should I bother?

We are told in 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 that our bodies are the “temple of the Holy spirit” to “honor God with our bodies.” It doesn’t tell us to only honor Him when things are going well or when we’re in good health.

Christians have the Holy Spirit living inside us. We should, out of both obedience and out of love, take care of His home the best we can while not making it an idol.

Is the book designed to work with a specific fitness program?

The Body Tithe Devotional works alongside any kind of health and fitness endeavor, be it a home fitness DVD program, marathon training, CrossFit, Weight Watchers, neighborhood walking groups, you name it. I wanted to help as many people as possible regardless of their current fitness level.

The book is also great for people going through rehab for an injury or sickness. Returning to normal health after getting hurt or having a stroke or heart attack is not unlike going through an intense fitness journey. You will face many of the same highs and lows, struggles, and temptations. Being plugged into The Body Tithe Devotional will help you stay motivated and encouraged by helping you keep focused on Christ.

I’m already in really good shape. Why would I need to read this?

If you’re in shape, that’s great. But are you in shape for the right reasons? Are you working out of your own strength to stay fit? Could you come into a better understanding of how use your fitness for God’s glory? Are you in tune to the spiritual tools at your disposal to help maintain your fitness? Are you aware of how the enemy is working against you to kill, steal, and destroy? Is your body a temple or has it become an idol?

These questions and more are addressed throughout The Body Tithe Devotional in an effort to help you keep the main thing, the main thing… and that is having Christ at the center of it all.

I saw something about a “companion app.” Is that essential?

Essential? No. Devotions are a great way to get daily alone time with God. The Body Tithe Devotional does that as as a stand alone book.

However, there can be a tendency to do the devotion, check if off your to-do list, and go on about your day, without giving much more through to what you read.

The app, while simple by design, will be profound in helping you stay in tune to your daily readings, keeping you in the material throughout the day. At only 99¢, the app will be well worth a penny a day to help you absorb as much of the content as possible. NOTE: The app is coming soon!

Can I use only the app and forgo the book?

The app on its own won’t do you much good if you haven’t read the material. We call it a “companion app” because it was designed to work alongside what you’re learning in The Body Tithe Devotional.

Is the book available in hard copy format or only ebook?

The Body Tithe Devotional is available in all ebook reader formats (Kindle, iBooks, Nook, etc) as well as in hard copy format through sites like Amazon. Click on a link below to buy The Body Tithe Devotional.

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